“Demand-side measures in the IPCC report” - video now available!

Demand-side measures in the IPCC report workshop, screenshot of presenters
Fig.1. Demand-side measures in the IPCC report webinar screenshot

In case you missed the “Demand-side measures in the IPCC report” webinar, the video is now available via our Youtube channel.

After the publication of the IPCC WGIII report on 4 April, the EU 1.5°Lifestyles team, together with our sister-project FULFILL, the ENOUGH network and Rapid Transition Alliance, organised a workshop-webinar to discuss the main outcomes of the report and its relevance to 1.5°Lifestyles with IPCC report author Leila Niamir. A recording of the event is now available via the EU 1.5°Lifestyles Youtube channel.

The outcome of cooperation between thousands of scientists, the work of the IPCC marks a keystone in climate policy, with the 6th IPCC report bringing a stark warning on the need to reduce emissions rapidly. Dr Leila Niamir, a key author of the report gave the first input during the workshop, after which Doris Fuchs from EU 1.5° Lifestyles, Elisabeth Dütschke from FULFILL and Edouard Toulouse from the ENOUGH network provided inputs and discussion points. The event was chaired by Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance.

WWU University of Münster