GreenDependent took EU 1.5° Lifestyles project to the eceee Summer Study 2024


Sharing our research findings, knowledge and experience is a very important part of our work, that is why we attended the eceee Summer Study 2024 in France.

In the process we also get feedback, learn a lot from others and make important connections and alliances: we need all this not just to grow personally, but to help mitigate and adapt to climate change and other environmental and social challenges better.

The eceee (European Council for Energy Efficient Economies) Summer Studies are a great way to do all this, as they are organised in relatively remote settings, so participants not just present and leave, but actually stay together for most part of a week. The summer studies, in addition to the thematically organised parallel panel presentations – and discussions! - and keynote panels, also have so-called informal sessions which participants are free to propose and organise in the afternoons that are left free for this reason. These sessions are also entered into the official programme and the conference app so that all participants know about them and can freely choose to participate in them.


The venue of the 2024 eceee Summer Study – a bit symbolical: demand reduction is clouded over by increasing “wants” and reluctance…


So, what did the GreenDependent team present?

This year the overall topic of the Summer Study was "Sustainable, Safe and Secure through Demand Reduction", with sufficiency, sufficient lifestyles and related policies firmly in the centre of presentations and discussions. So, related to the EU 1.5 Lifestyles project, we presented about “THE ACCEPTANCE OF MORE SUFFICIENT, 1.5-DEGREE LIFESTYLES BY CITIZENS: INDIVIDUAL AND STRUCTURAL BARRIERS AND ENABLERS”, and shared the outcomes of our citizen thinking labs (CTLs) in Hungary and the other 4 project case countries (Germany, Latvia, Spain and Sweden).


Kristóf Vadovics, GreenDependent, presenting at the Summer Study


There was great interest in what happened at the CTLs, and especially in the Climate Puzzle game

You can find the extended abstract of our contribution here: 

And read all the papers and abstracts here:


Edina Vadovics, GreenDependent

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