UDC Team Continues to Empower Citizens of A Coruña

People discuss sustainable lifestyles over the climate puzzles.
The Organic Market provided the perfect backdrops for discussing sustainable lifestyles.

On June 30, the University of A Coruña team, in collaboration with the Municipality of A Coruña, organized the second round of the interactive workshop at the Organic Market of A Coruña.

Local citizens engaged with the Climate Puzzle of the EU 1.5° Lifestyle project, developed by our consortium partner D-Mat, to understand how low-carbon lifestyle options in four main consumption areas—nutrition, mobility, housing, and leisure—can be integrated into their daily lives by 2030 collaboratively. They also discussed why some options might not be possible or convenient to incorporate into daily practices.

The workshop took place at the organic market at the Plaza de la Tolerencia (Tolerencia Square) which provides a place both for local producers and consumers to reach proximity products. Nadin, Óscar, and Eva, representing the UDC EU 1.5° Lifestyles Team, coordinated by Adina Dumitru, supported the participants throughout the entire discussion and shared main findings of the project which can be useful for the implementation of low-carbon practices at household level.

The workshop, moderated by the UDC team—which includes researchers from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and coordinated by Adina Dumitru—took place at Campo da Leña (Praza de España) in A Coruña. This workshop will be repeated during autumn of 2024.

Stay Tuned!

Nadin Ozcelik, UDC