Lund University

Lund University

Lund University (LU) is the largest research institution in Scandinavia that has had sustainability as a key priority area of research, education and outreach since the early 1990s.

The IIIEE (International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics) at LU is an international and interdisciplinary institute. The IIIEE/LU produces and shares actionable knowledge for sound decision making at all levels, from the local to the global, and educates future leaders and change agents. The IIIEE's research and education advance strategies for sustainable solutions. We explore and advance knowledge in the design, application and evaluation of policy and business strategies and concrete actions to meet global environmental challenges.

The IIIEE research and education has a genuine interdisciplinary approach synthesising insights not only from economic theory and practice but also from natural sciences, engineering, political science, organizational, legal and behavioural studies. Researchers and lecturers at the IIIEE have backgrounds in various disciplines and the IIIEE cooperates closely in education and research with other universities worldwide. We believe that a true interdisciplinary approach is required to meet the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our research advances knowledge on how to catalyse the transition to low-carbon and resource efficient economies across four different themes of governance and management: 1. International and national policy intervention; 2. Urban transformation; 3. Business management and practice; 4. Consumption governance.

The IIIEE research and education is action oriented and performed in close collaboration with business and other societal partners. Partners are actively involved in our activities through lectures, seminars, case methods, study visits and research projects.