Zaļā brīvība

Zaļā brīvība

Green Liberty ("Zaļā brīvība" in Latvian) is a non-profit NGO founded in 1993. Our mission is to contribute to the development of a society in which people live in harmony with each other and the environment. Green Liberty aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental consequences of current trends in consumption, trade, and globalization, in particular fair trade, climate, energy, and waste, by empowering people to make responsible daily life decisions and to oppose abuses of power.

Green Liberty organizes press briefings, conferences, exhibitions, public lectures, expositions, and runs traditional and social media campaigns. Green Liberty publishes environmental information, organizes diverse cultural and environmental actions, as well as does the research of socio-environmental and development issues and promotes sustainable development and responsible lifestyles. Green Liberty advocates the government on sustainable development and environmental policy integration in various sectoral policies. Looking forward to continue implementing this experience, Green Liberty will be a member of the project and conduct the activities in Latvia.

Key areas of activity and expertise: 

  • Climate and energy. We are actively involved in advocacy work with national decision-makers regarding climate policy and follow European and international policy developments. We promote a climate-friendlylifestyle and work on climate education and research.
  • Sustainable consumption. We are advocating the ways how civil society can provide new insights into sustainable consumption and production to reach a sustainable level of resource consumption. We have published consumer guides and studies on sustainable living.
  • Waste and circular economy. We are advocating for the efficient use of resources by promoting green public procurement, eliminating unsustainable subsidies, and promoting green budget reform in Latvia. We have also done the research and implemented campaigns to promote food waste reduction, zero-waste concept, the introduction of a deposit-refund system in Latvia, as well as work on the promotion of slow fashion and textiles.
  • Global education. We have been implementing several EC program EuropeAid projects that aim to raise awareness of society about different globally urgent issues: sustainable development, climate justice, solidarity economy, fair trade, and sustainable supply chains. We actively engage people in discussing development issues, inform about connections between development and environmental issues, and about global impacts of local processes.

Our organization is a member of international networks: CEE Bankwatch Network, Climate Action Network Europe(CAN), European ECO Forum, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Reloop, and national networks: Association ‘Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia’, Environmental Consultative board, Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS), Civic Alliance – Latvia (CAL). We also have significant experience working with municipalities and Latvian Association of Local Governments (LPS). In general, we are part of the biggest national networks of civil society organizations, researcher community, public and private sector as well as the media, which could be essential in the project.


Jānis Brizga,
Chair of Green Liberty