Climate Puzzle for Germany now publicly available

people playing Klimapuzzle
Playing the Climate Puzzle in groups (source: D-mat)

EU 1.5° Lifestyles project partner D-mat has brought on the market the Klimapuzzle, a German version of the original Climate Puzzle, which also served as a basis for the Climate Puzzles developed for the five case countries in the EU1.5° Lifestyles project (Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Spain and Sweden).

The Climate Puzzle is a planning and learning game for individuals and households, but also for schools or other groups interested in mitigating global warming. It illustrates the magnitude of the personal lifestyle change and the importance of low-carbon lifestyle options in relation to the 1.5-degree target from the Paris Climate Agreement.

In addition to working out the personal path to the 1.5-degree target and getting to know a climate-friendly lifestyle, the Climate Puzzle also guides people to think about what needs to change in society so that sustainable living becomes easier and quicker to implement. In this way, it helps people to become active in their daily lives and to realise that change is not only about each and every one of us, but also about the society we live in.

playing puzzle
Pieces of the Climate Puzzle: their size reflects their reduction impact (Source: D-mat)

The (original) Climate Puzzle is now available in German for Germany and in English, Finnish and Swedish for Finland or similar countries with relatively low-carbon energy production. Climate Puzzles have been purchased, for instance, by schools and universities, municipalities, libraries but also by companies and private persons interested in mitigating global warming.

Further information on the commercially available Climate Puzzle:

Michael Lettenmeier, D-mat