Forum for Caring Societies

forum for caring societies

The Forum for Caring Societies is a collaborative community of practice which promotes fair, sustainable, care-centered societies. It brings together researchers, activists, practitioners, funders, and policymakers, which share a common vision for care-based societies.

Recognising a systemic crisis of care it advocates for a caring society, based on an economy which provides for human basic needs and promotes well-being for all, also means ensuring fair access to natural resources regardless of gender, race, class or wealth, while respecting planetary boundaries and allowing nature to regenerate and thrive.

The Forum organizes monthly internal online-meetings to provide opportunities for networking and larger events to disseminate care related insights.

For further information see the website and to register for the meetings you are warmly invited to contact

Sylvia Lorek, EU 1.5° Lifestyles project Advisory Board member, and Forum for Caring Societies
Source of picture: Forum for Caring Societies