Going an extra mile in spreading 1.5-degree lifestyles


1.5-degree lifestyle at business event, lunch seminar and online...

Our consortium partners never rest to communicate and mainstream 1.5-degree lifestyles - throughout Europe to various stakeholders - beyond the project framework as well. Online and offline events are essential to (interactively) reach a wide audience and to also spread topics they engage with beside 1.5° lifestyles.

A few of these exciting events from the near past & future are listed here:

  • Project partners D-mat and adelphi will be facilitating a German workshop at the Wirtschaftsgilde’s annual event on 10 February 2022 in Switzerland, where they will not only discuss low-carbon lifestyle options with participants from business and civil society but will use the German language climate puzzle. For more information, please click here.

Figure 1: D-mat and adelphi attending the swiss Wirtschaftsgilde this year


  •  On Thursday, January 26th, Fridays for Future Sweden held their second “Ask A Researcher” event. Jessika Luth Richter from Lund University answered questions about different lifestyle options and the structural changes needed to transition to a low-carbon society compatible with the Paris Agreement. There were plenty of questions, lots of ideas and a good discussion about what is needed in the Swedish context. Jessika has participated in similar events with Fridays for Future in Lund back in autumn.
Figure 2: Jessika Luth Richter introducing the project, lifestyles options and answering questions


  • Due to the great interest and more than 240 applications for the first Hungarian 1.5-degree Citizen Thinking Lab, GreenDependent Institute decided to organize an online event (in October 2022) for anyone interested in knowing more about 1.5-degree lifestyles and has questions in this topic. There were presentations and interactive activities about how individuals and households can live climate-conscious, climate-friendly lives and reduce their emission. At the end of the workshop, participants could raise specific questions and personal obstacles which resulted in a valuable discussion! 
online event
Figure 3: Online workshop by GreenDependent Institute on 1.5-degree lifestyles


Edited by Eszter Csiki, GreenDependent Institute

Source of pictures: EU 1.5° Lifestyles consortium partners ©