Pathways for 1.5° Lifestyles for households: Citizen Thinking Labs in Spain

CTLs Second Round in Spain

On October 7th, the University of A Coruña hosted the 2nd round of Citizen Thinking Labs (CTL 2), one of the five planned thinking labs within the EU 1.5° Lifestyles project. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEE), at Elviña Campus, hosted  the CTL 2. 

With the objective of addressing pathways to incorporate 1.5° Lifestyle options into individual lifestyles, 18 participants, representing the demographic characteristics of Spain, explored the impacts of low-carbon lifestyle options on their daily lives and society. In the same vein, the participants identified possible dilemmas and conflicts that could occur concerning the incorporation of low-carbon lifestyles into their lives and within society. They also attempted to find solutions at both personal and political levels to overcome these conflicts and issues. 

The participants emphasized that future low-carbon lifestyles are appealing; however, a significant effort is required at both the individual and political levels. For instance, installing solar panels on one's own building and becoming a prosumer has been considered a significant step in increasing access to clean energy. However, improving housing quality and energy efficiency would lead to increased home prices. Regulating the real estate market would help address the issue of rising home prices. 

CTL2 in Spain

The results of the CTL 2 will not only contribute to a report containing a set of policy recommendations but will also be used to create a guide for citizens, indicating pathways to integrate low-carbon lifestyle options into their daily lives.