Citizen Engagement

We each have a role to play in achieving 1.5° Lifestyles. Learn more and ask the experts what you can do.

Our actions can contribute to wider social change when we harness the power of our roles, network, skills and interests.

For example, let´s say we are promoting plant-based diets:

  • If we love cooking: we can try new plant-based recipes and share the food with friends, colleagues and neighbours as well as sharing recipes through social media.
  •  If we are employed: we can advocate for vegetarian meals as the default option for staff meals, and vegetarian catering at events.
  • If we have friends who work in restaurants: we can let them know how to increase sales of their plant-based menu items without needing to change the menu.
  • If we are parents: we can advocate for plant-based lunch options at school.
  • If we love working with others and organising: we can join a campaign or civil society organisation.

The possibilities are as many and varied as the people! And they are all easier if we are having fun, using our skills - or learning new ones, exploring our passions and feeling that we are part of collective action. So, local groups are a great place to experiment with ideas for using our influence and power as citizens to create positive change in our society. The 1.5-degree lifestyles analysis shows that we need an epic transformation in how we live. Some of the major changes that can´t be avoided, such as car-free cities, are currently so unpopular that they might sometimes feel “impossible”. By finding and enjoying our own unique role in influencing systems change, everyone – from individuals to world leaders – can play a part in creating a world where 1.5 degree lifestyles feel fair, feasible and maybe even fun!