EU 1.5° Lifestyles project was part of the EU Climate Neutrality Policy & Knowledge Sharing Event 2021

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Fig.1. EU knowledge sharing for sustainability

In December 2021, the EU 1.5° LIFESTYLES team took part in an EU knowledge-sharing workshop on climate neutrality policy.

On 7 December 2021, Doris Fuchs and Pia Mamut from the WWU team chaired the session "Decarbonisation and Lifestyle Changes" and presented the work of the EU1.5° Lifestyles project at the EU knowledge-sharing event, with representatives of the European Commission, as well as partner projects working on welfare, the environmental crises and climate mitigation. The aim of the event was to spur a closer cooperation between EU projects by sharing their recent insights and providing an opportunity to exchange views between the projects and EU policymakers.

The event included presentations from EU 1.5° LIFESTYLES, as well as from other EU sister projects, including CAMPAIGNers, FULFILL, ENCHANT, LOCALISED, and Netzerocities. There was a broad discussion on many common topics, including for example on how different projects dealt with analysing or modelling sufficiency and post-growth policies in light of the need for reductions in throughput to achieve sustainability goals.

Other topics included the current and future EU policy and climate governance landscape, i.e. the “fit for 55” package, as well as how to communicate research from academia to society, to shape the needed social-ecological transformation and to stay within the 1.5° goal.

WWU University of Münster